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Adelaide welcomes international students

South Australia welcomes thousands of international students every year into our schools and universities. Read on to discover why.

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Studying in South Australia is so rewarding. Adelaide is safe, sophisticated and modern. Easy to get around, Adelaide has lots of cafés, festivals, a bustling retail hub and a multicultural population of 1.2 million people.

Primary and High Schools

Schools in South Australia have been providing study abroad experiences to international primary and high school students for more than 20 years. Our schools are highly experienced in meeting the academic needs of students from all cultures and offer a high quality, internationally recognised education in a caring, supportive environment with future pathways to tertiary education.

Short term and long term programs are available and students can choose to study in metropolitan Adelaide or regional South Australia. Students can also study a new subject of interest, try out a new sport or learn a new language. English language support, classroom integration and cultural experiences are all an integral part of studying alongside Australian students at school in South Australia.

Contact the following South Australian schools to find out more about their programs.

> South Australian Government Schools
> Independent Schools
> Catholic Education

A choice of universities

Adelaide’s three long-established universities are Flinders University, the University of Adelaide and University of South Australia. They have been popular with international students for many years and continue to sit high on international rankings.

Flinders University has formal exchange agreements with a number of universities in Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the Americas that allow us to exchange students for one or two semesters each year.

The University of Adelaide's Study Abroad and Exchange programs allow students who are already enrolled at universities outside Australia to study in Adelaide for one or two semesters.

The University of South Australia is a modern, progressive and international university. You will have the opportunity to explore a new culture and enjoy a quality education that will prepare you for professional and personal success.

Adelaide has some of the world’s best universities, like Carnegie Mellon University from the United States and University College London from the United Kingdom.

Language schools

When it comes to learning English, you'll find plenty of options in Adelaide. Contact the following South Australian language schools to find out more about their programs.

> Tafe SA
> South Australian College of English
> Centre for English Language at the University of South Australia
> Intensive English Language Institute at Flinders University
> University of Adelaide English Language Centre

StudyAdelaide, South Australia

StudyAdelaide is the government agency promoting Adelaide as a great study destination to international students. You can find study, live, work and play information about South Australia on the StudyAdelaide website.

Things to do

Here are some great ideas for you to try while you’re in the area.

What's on

There are plenty of food and wine events on in South Australia. Here are some ideas.

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