Disabled Access

Travelling with a disability

When we talk about South Australia being an accessible destination, we don't just mean it's easy to get around.

Much time and effort has been spent in recent years to ensure that travelling with a disability won't stop you enjoying what South Australia has to offer. 

Travelling with a disability, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

You'll find South Australia's tourism operators offer easy access for travellers with disabilities. Look for properties displaying the international wheelchair symbol and check that the business can accommodate your specific needs. 

Car hire

A number of South Australian car hire companies supply vehicles fitted with hand controls. Just let the company know well in advance about the nature of your disability. Standard hire vehicles can also be fitted with special devices to assist your needs.  

Car parking in Adelaide

Most public car parks in Adelaide have dedicated parking spots for disabled drivers, clearly identified by the blue international wheelchair symbol. The bays are close to ramps and lifts and are generally wider than regular parking spaces.

To use disabled parking spots, you'll need a temporary disabled parking permit or your own permanent parking permit. For details and maps, visit the Adelaide City Council parking web pages. 

Taxis in Adelaide

Adelaide has many fully accessible taxis. Access Cabs is the company to call. Phone 1300 360 940 (within Australia). 

General travel tips

Plan ahead and make reservations for transport, accommodation, tours and hire equipment well in advance. Be very specific about your needs and confirm that operators can meet your requirements. 

Health care

Check health care arrangements. Australia's national health insurance scheme, Medicare, has reciprocal health care agreements with the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, Malta, Finland, The Netherlands and Sweden. The agreement provides health care for emergency treatment.

It does not cover costs arising en route, elective treatment, ambulance services or allied health services. Health insurance is strongly recommended. Check with your travel agent about policies. 

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