Quarantine Laws

Coming into Australia

If you are entering Australia, it is important to know what can and can’t be brought into Australia.

You must declare all food, plant material and animal products when you arrive in Australia.  

Apples, Lenswood, South Australia

They will be inspected (and possibly treated) to help keep Australia free of pests and diseases. Make this declaration on your Incoming Passenger Card, provided by the airline before you land. Complete this legal document truthfully.


If you have items you don't wish to declare, you can dispose of them in quarantine bins in the airport terminal. Some products may require treatment at a cost to you. Items that cannot be treated will be seized and destroyed by quarantine. All luggage is X-rayed or screened.

If you fail to declare, dispose of any quarantine items or make a false declaration, you will be caught, fined and risk being jailed for up to 10 years.
You will not be penalised if goods are declared. If you are not sure, ask an Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services officer (AQIS) or phone + 61 8 8201 6000 

Coming into South Australia

South Australia has its own regulations in addition to national laws. This is due to the environmental protection of some areas.

Of particular importance is the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (FFEZ) specifies that no fruit (including capsicum, chilli, tomato and eggplant) can be taken into the FFEZ.

South Australia has quarantine checkpoints placed throughout the state consisting of roadblocks and fruit disposal bins. There are mobile quarantine roadblocks that operate on country roads in South Australia. 


To help protect Australia's agricultural industries and unique environment, AQIS officers screen all flights, passengers, baggage, mail and cargo using X-ray machines, detector dogs, physical inspection, questioning and profiling.

Food, plant material and animal products from overseas could introduce some of the world’s most serious pests and diseases into Australia. These measures have been put in place to avoid danger to our valuable agriculture and unique environment.

Kangaroo Island is a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary and a Potato Protected Production Area. Carrying honey, bees and bee products onto the island is prohibited. Potatoes are also prohibited unless they have been washed or brushed free of soil and are in new packaging. Rabbits are prohibited on Kangaroo Island.  


South Australia is the only Australian state to have avoided an outbreak of phylloxera, a plant lice that destroys grapevines. If you've been driving or walking in an interstate vineyard, please thoroughly clean your car and shoes before entering South Australia. Please obtain permission before entering a vineyard. 

Fruit fly

South Australia is the only mainland state without a permanent population of fruit fly. Please do not bring fruit or vegetables into South Australia. Use the dumping bins and signs around the state to prevent being penalised. 

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