Why Visit South Australia?

As the wine capital of Australia, the art of blending comes naturally

Here in South Australia, we blend far more than wine.

Adelaide is a short distance from Kangaroo Island, a unique wildlife sanctuary.

Our beaches, where you can swim in clear, turquoise waters blend brilliantly with dramatic seascapes, where giant southern right whales appear out of the blue.

Fishing, Murray River, South Australia

Speaking of water, Australia’s mightiest river, the Murray River, meanders through our landscape. Mix lazy days on a houseboat holiday with the rush of high-energy water sports.

Enjoy fine food, arts and sport

We blend the freshest, finest produce in the country with chefs of world repute

Even in the ancient outback, (which is just out the back), you’ll find New Age chefs weaving their magic in the most unlikely places.

In our capital city, history and elegance sit comfortably side by side with cheering crowds, high octane adrenaline, the world’s best cyclists, global music and many more amazing events.

Our state blends a love of the arts with a passion for sport, a love of the new with a respect for the old, a warm smile with a cold glass of something.

Pop down and see us soon

We’re in the south of the continent (as our name implies) with a 3,000 kilometre coastline. We reach far into the heart of the outback as well.

It’s all part of the brilliant blend that is South Australia.

Things to do

Here are some great ideas for you to try while you’re in the area.

What's on

There are plenty of events on in South Australia. Here are some ideas you might like.

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