Wildlife Caretaker’s Guide to South Australia

Fun, adventure and a little adrenalin in South Australia

As one of the winner’s of Best Jobs in the World, Wildlife Caretaker Greg Snell spent six months gallivanting around South Australia meeting our wildlife and telling the world all about it. Check out his highlights.

Flying over Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges and Outback, South Australia

“The Flinders Ranges are about 450 kilometres from Adelaide. The hiking is incredible, there are great mountain biking tracks, great four wheel drive tracks, beautiful lookouts and scenic drives. We took a scenic flight over the Pound, which was amazing. It gives you such a different perspective.”

Scenic flights are available from Wilpena Pound Resort Tours.

Disconnecting in Gawler Ranges National Park

Gawler Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

“We can now be in contact almost everywhere we go. Unless of course we go somewhere truly remote, somewhere past the last stop, completely off the beaten track. Enter the Gawler Ranges and step back in time to an area of prehistoric significance and of natural beauty that will take your breath away.”

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris offer tours and boutique camping accommodation.

Shark cage diving

Shark cage diving, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

“I can hear the rhythm of my breathing and see the bubbles float to the surface, the occasional crash of the cage against the stern gets the heart racing, and yet there is a certain calm… There is a sense of majestic beauty, the presence of something powerful waiting in the blue abyss, an apex predator sixteen million years evolved, but where? This is the feeling I had first time inside the cage, an intimate view into the home of the infamous great white shark.”

What an experience! You can do this with Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, Adventure Bay Charters and Calypso Star Charter.

Swimming with sea lions

Swimming with sea lions, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

“I have said it before, swimming with Australian sea lions is the most interactive wildlife experience I have ever encountered anywhere. They roll and toss and tumble in the water, throwing back flips and summersaults, swimming around keen snorkelers like haywire torpedoes. They then stop and look at you with giant puppy dog eyes almost wondering why you look so funny and can’t move as fast as they can. Honestly this is something you must experience.”

Greg swam with sea lions thanks to Adventure Bay Charters.

Skydiving on the Fleurieu Peninsula

Skydiving on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia

“I am a bit of an adventure junkie and see the Fleurieu Peninsula as an adventure sports mecca. From skydiving, surfing, hiking, jet boating, diving, trail running, and mountain biking, there is something for all outdoor sports enthusiasts and a place for all skill levels. I very much look forward to visiting again soon and starting my skydiving A License certificate, not to mention getting better at surfing.”

Greg went skydiving with SA Skydiving.

Swimming with dolphins

There are also dolphins on Kangaroo Island, South Australia

“What an experience! If you haven’t been swimming with wild dolphins before, I highly recommend you do. It is such an adrenaline rush. Honestly, you do not even realise how big they are until you’re in the water next to them. The day I went out, there were a couple baby dolphins being protected by their mothers… Swimming with bottlenose dolphins is quickly becoming one of my favourite things to do in South Australia. It was incredible!!!”

Greg went swimming with dolphins on Kangaroo Island with Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures.

Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

“I have found the perfect place close to Adelaide where you can introduce travellers to Australian wildlife in a controlled and easily accessible environment. An open range wildlife park, Cleland Wildlife Park is actually within a National Park and is located in the Adelaide Hills, literally a 30 minute drive from the centre of the city.”

Adelaide food and wine

Adelaide Central Market, South Australia

“Access to fresh quality products is right at your finger tips. The Adelaide Central Market is the best example of this and is probably my favourite place to spend a Saturday morning in the city. There is also a vibrant local café culture, incredible craft beer options, great boutique bar scene, outstanding restaurants scattered about the city and of course world renowned wines from nearby Barossa, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, and the Adelaide Hills.”

Find out more about Adelaide’s food and wine.

Find out more about Greg’s adventures around South Australia at Greg Goes Global.

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