Semaphore and Fort Glanville Tourist Railway

  • Children catered for

In the late 1890s a Military Railway was planned to run from Glenelg along the foreshore to Largs with the intent to link both Fort Largs and Fort Glanville. Unfortunately the service only progressed to West Beach.

Now almost 100 years later a railway has been built on a much smaller scale and for a completely different reason. Built by the Port Adelaide Enfield and Charles Sturt Councils and operated by the National Railway Museum volunteers, its specially designed steam locomotive Bill hauls carriages along the two kilometre coastal route from the Semaphore Jetty to Fort Glanville and the nearby Caravan Park.

A return journey takes approximately 40 minutes, although this time may be reduced depending on demand. The service does not operate during days of total fire bans or when the temperature is forecast 35 degrees and over.

Contact Details

Semaphore and Fort Glanville Tourist Railway
South Australia 5019

Toll Free Number
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+61 (08) 8341 1690

+61 (08) 8341 1626

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  • Semaphore To Fort Glanville Tourist Railway, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Sema Swim, Semaphore, Adelaide, South Australia



  • Adult - $7.00
  • Child - $5.00


  • Car park
  • Catering
  • First aid equipment
  • Kiosk
  • Parking for the Disabled
  • Picnic Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Shaded Area
  • Sheltered Area


  • Train Ride
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