Tasting Australia

Wherever you travel in the world, culture and people are expressed best through eating and drinking. Here in South Australia, eating and drinking is part of something much bigger than sustenance alone. It's a true representation of our daily life and the bounty available at our source.

Tasting Australia invites you to take part in eating and drinking experiences that show you the way things are meant to be - true to culture, true to those who produce it, and true to regions, served by the people who know it best. World-class eating and drinking is at home in the landscapes of South Australia all year round, and our producers and chefs are the best people to show you just how good that can taste.

Tasting Australia is an annual event held in Adelaide and Regional South Australia.

Eat. Drink. Think. Participate. This is Tasting Australia.

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Tasting Australia
Adelaide and regional South Australia
South Australia 5000

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+61 (08) 8463 4500

+61 (08) 8463 4718

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  • Tasting Australia Town Square, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Tasting Australia discussion panel
  • Oyster shucking Tasting Australia demonstration
  • Tasting Australia dinner



  • 01/05/2016 - 08/05/2016



  • Adelaide and regional South Australia
    SA 5000


  • Food and Wine
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