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Camel riding, bush walking and photography in rugged mountain ranges with spectacular gorges, sheltered creeks lined with river red gums and abundant wildlife are just some of the attractions that make up the Camel Treks Australia experience in the Central Flinders Ranges of Outback South Australia. Renowned for its natural, cultural and geological significance, this region is one of Australia's premier landscapes.

If you are visiting the Central Flinders Ranges for a short stay, you can book a camel riding day tour with afternoon tea and camp fire,or perhaps an overnight camel safari. If you want to plunge right in, check out our three-five day treks, school, corporate, cameleer training camps and International Camel Journeys.

Return bus transfers from Adelaide with Genesis Tour and Charter is available on most treks priced at AUD90.00 each way. Detailed information on all treks and what to expect can be found exploring our website.

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  • Ride through ancient creek beds lined with towering Red Gums.


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Full Day Camel Riding Tour

Arrive at Wonoka Station for an 11.30am departure. The day tours visit Mayo's Historic Hut and Mayo's Gorge, once the original track for any travellers heading south or north. Now the gorge is home to abundant wildlife thanks to the the Gorges natural permanent water holes.

Enjoy lunch and afternoon billy tea before arriving back at the yards at around 5.30pm. Easter weekend day tours have been listed. Please contact us to arrange your preferred dates.

Adults are AUD210.00 and children are half price.

Tour details

Tour destinations

Mayo's Historic Hut and Gorge

Tour duration

1 Day

Departure & Arrival time

Mon 11:30-5:30
Tue 11:30-5:30
Wed 11:30-5:30
Thu 11:30-5:30

Fri 11:30-5:30
Sat 11:30-5:30
Sun 11:30-5:30

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Tour costs

Adult - $105.00

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