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Eat, drink and be merry - then eat and drink again

Writer Farrin Foster

Words by Farrin Foster

Farrin Foster is a journalist by trade, writer by ambition and occasional film maker by necessity; Farrin is currently the editor of CityMag and a freelance writer living in Adelaide.

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Some days are made for working and being productive, and some days are made for pretending that you are royally rich and never need to work another day in your life. On the rich and relaxing days, there’s nothing like over-indulging.

The royally rich are probably largely unfamiliar with the morning, but whether you take your breakfast at 3pm or 8am the place to head is a café on Unley Road, where there exists a fierce competition to make the best espresso. We recommend Mother’s Milk be your first stop for coffee, and then head to Rosey’s for breakfast proper.

It is best to at least pretend you’re doing something other than eating all day, so make your way to Croydon next. Here, in between a cup of tea at Queen Street Café and buying bread for tomorrow’s breakfast at Red Door Bakery, you can browse antiques, vintage clothes and modern furniture at Hype and Seek, Mushroom Boutique and One Small Room.

There’s nothing like shopping to help you forget how much you’ve eaten already, and we assume that all that retail exertion has worked up another hunger by now. Norwood is the spot for lunch. In this eastern suburb you can let your preferences decide whether you opt for one of the many excellent Italian cafés (our tip is to go for The European Café) or whether you want to sample South Australia’s answer to Californian burger chain In-N-Out – Nordburger.

It is well past midday by now, which means that it’s a perfectly appropriate time to have a sophisticated alcoholic beverage or two. The sound of water lapping against the shore is a wonderful accompaniment to a mid-afternoon drink, and both of these things are readily available at the many bars and restaurants surrounding the marina’s edge at Glenelg. To get there, hop on a tram from the city or – if you’re feeling energised from all that carbohydrate intake – bike along the cycling trail which follows the tram tracks down to the coast.

A siesta on the sand may be in order at this stage. But after that, the sights and sounds of the city proper are beckoning. By now, even choosing what you want to eat and drink may feel like a burden. Luckily, co-owner of Cork Wine Café Travis Tausend, who says every wine “has its own story” delights in finding the right drink for you and then taking a little time to educate you on why you might like it.

Following a few wines at Cork, the night could go either way. The sensible you might decide to look at some dining and entertainment options and then head off to bed. Alternatively, the slightly less sensible you might decide a few more drinks are in order – in which case it’s time to get familiar with Adelaide’s club scene.

Stop by Proof Laneway Bar first and grab a cocktail and toastie to get your energy up, and then you’re off – Clever Little Tailor will turn into Udaberri, that will morph into Tijuana Showgirls and then the Rocket Rooftop, and Sugar and Supermild are good late night options. And what happens after that is certainly no business of ours.

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