Flinders Ranges and Outback Art and Culture

Prepare to be inspired

The art of the Flinders Ranges and outback is often like the country that inspires it: striking. The Aboriginal people who live here produce traditional art. They also take care of the many culturally significant rock art sites.

Ikara art, Old Wilpena Station, South Australia

Some of the best places to find rock art are Parachilna, Chambers Gorge and Wilpena Pound. Guides will take you to them and explain their history. At Ikara (The Meeting Place) in Wilpena Pound, there’s a magnificent display of public art.

Follow the trail

Take the “Living with Land” Interpretative Trail and learn about the history of Old Wilpena Station. There are also annual exhibitions held by The Painters of the Flinders Ranges in the Wilpena Woolshed.

The Wadlata Outback Centre in Port Augusta will teach you about the history and culture of northern South Australia. It’s a great place to gain an understanding of the rugged country’s heritage.

If you can, visit the nearby Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden. Bringing together art and nature, it will make you think about how plants have managed to survive in such a rugged area.

Meet the artists

If you’re an artist and want to experience a shared creative experience, Arkaba Station hosts fully catered and supported tours.

You might not expect too many modern art galleries 600 kilometres north of Adelaide but at Lyndhurst, there’s an open air one like no other. Resident artist, Talc Alf, works (as his name suggests) with talc. His works are diverse and he’s become an icon of the state’s far north.

In the ghost town of Black Rock (near Orroroo), you’ll find Black Rock Art Gallery. Artist Bud Stephenson lives in the old pub, creating works inspired by Jackson Pollock, Arthur Boyd and the ruins of the town.

There are many artists living and working in the Flinders Ranges and outback. Many towns have little galleries and studios. Judy Elliott-Maddison in Bangor opens her gallery and studio each day, as do many other notable artists.

Take the time to visit the Flinders Ranges and Ouback - you may find the perfect piece of art to take home.

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