Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bees

Indulge your sweet tooth

Kangaroo Island is home to the unique Ligurian bees which produce some of the finest honey in Australia. The honey comes in a range of flavours from sugar gum to eucalypt, bottlebrush and native fuschia.  

Clifford’s Honey Farm, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

The South Australian Chamber of Manufacturers imported Ligurian bees from Italy in 1884. They sent the bees to farmers on Kangaroo Island, who began harvesting the honey. The island is now a Ligurian bee sanctuary. 

Honey farms

Island Beehive at Kingscote is one of Australia’s largest organic honey producers. Go on a factory tour and view bees in a glass hive. Try the award-winning honey and delicious honeycomb ice cream. Shop for local art or relax in the café.

Clifford’s Honey Farm is also open for tours. See bees at work in the hive, learn about honey production and sample several flavours of Ligurian honey. Try Jenny’s famous honey ice cream or visit the farm shop which boasts many products made with honey and beeswax, from food to art, craft and cosmetics.

With so many flavours to choose from, don’t leave Kangaroo Island without a pot of honey.

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