Limestone Coast Driving Trips

Take a different road

Gorgeous scenery that changes with every season is your constant companion on the Limestone Coast. 

Driving past Woakwine Range Wind Farm, Limestone Coast, South Australia

From Adelaide, the Princes Highway offers a stunning, coastal alternative to the major inland route, the Riddoch Highway. Both take you to Mount Gambier. Why not do both and take a different road each way?

Scenic drives

Turn off the Dukes Highway at Keith onto the Riddoch Highway. It guides you through the region’s heartland including Penola, Coonawarra and Naracoorte.

The Bowman Scenic Drive features all the rugged beauty of the Southern Ocean. Starting in Beachport, look out for stunning natural rock formations, a sheltered beach or a good place for a bit of surf fishing. There's also a lighthouse to visit, the super salty Pool of Siloam at Beachport and Blowhole Rock.

The roads between Bordertown, Cannawigara and Mundulla create an historic circuit and a great insight into the region's heritage. There’s an Aboriginal Burial Ground, Scown's Runaway Hole and the Plaited Tree all in less than a 40 kilometre drive.

Feeling adventurous?

Large sections of the Limestone Coast, including some fabulous fishing spots, are open to four wheel drives (4WD). So is the spectacular Coorong National Park but you can only reach the mighty Murray Mouth from the south at certain times of the year.

For year-round access, head to Goolwa.Robe to Beachport along the coast is another exciting drive. White sandy dunes, long stretches of hard packed sand and a few soft spots crank the experience up to extreme! The dunes near Beachport are perfect to practice your dune driving skills. The degree of difficulty varies but they’re easy to access.

If you’re driving on sand, remember to reduce your tyre pressure. Driving will be easier but will use more fuel. Check the tides. Getting swamped is no fun. Beaches along the Limestone Coast are limited to 25 kilometres per hour. Follow the well marked trails and you’ll minimise the impact on the environment and stay safe.      

Limestone Loop

See the best of the region with the Limestone Loop self drive itinerary. Highlights of the drive, which takes four days to complete, includes the Padthaway Homestead, Naracoorte Caves National Park, Bool Lagoon, Coonawarra wineries and Penola.

The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier and the Tantanoola Caves can also be explored, as well as Robe and the Coorong National Park.

The Limestone Coast, don’t forget your driving music.

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