Limestone Coast Family Holidays

The adventure coast

Have you ever seen a white kangaroo? What about a Big Lobster? A lake that changes colour with the seasons? A Land Rover on a pole? They're all on the Limestone Coast, where your family will love its holiday. 

Canoeing in the Coorong National Park, South Australia

Love the water? Go swimming, canoeing, sailing, snorkelling or fishing. There are lots of safe, sheltered bays and swimming lakes, like the one in Naracoorte. Explore ancient caves and let the kids go wild at Millicent's mega playground.

Natural wonders

For something extraordinary, the Pool of Siloam near Beachport is seven times saltier than the sea. Even if you can’t swim, you’ll float!

It’s not just grown-ups who’ll appreciate the region’s unique geography. Kids can explore the petrified forest in Port MacDonnell and the stunning maze of underground caves at Naracoorte, which is a World Heritage fossil site.

Nestled in the crater of a dormant volcano, everybody loves Mount Gambier's fascinating Blue Lake, which turns a vivid shade of blue during the summer months.

Go wild

Feed the hungry possums at the Umpherston Sinkhole, also known as The Sunken Garden. Visit the Bordertown Wildlife Park and marvel at the only known captive colony of white kangaroos in Australia.

At dusk, head to Port MacDonnell and watch the colony of little penguins return home from a hard day’s work in the sea.

Meet Larry

At Kingston S.E., you can cross another thing off your “big things” list. Larry “the Big Lobster,” is 17 metres tall and weighs approximately four tonnes. He’s easily the world’s most photographed lobster.

There are plenty of other family-friendly activities in Kingston S.E. - take the kids for a drive along the beach, north or south of the township and spot sea lions, seals and dolphins.

Play tennis or golf, visit a playground or the skate park or cycle or stroll along the network of walking tracks.

Full of surprises

“Take a break” in Bordertown’s original jail cells and experience farm life at Clayton Farm, which dates back to 1885.

Learn more about the region’s history in Millicent with a visit to the National Trust Living History Museum and the ships wrecked off the region’s coast at the Maritime Museum in Port MacDonnell.

Visit the Cheese Factory Restaurant in Meningie, where history and culinary delights await. Learn how cheese is made and explore the community-run museum which boasts an eclectic collection of artefacts from all over the district, including rocket parts, old telephones, cheese making equipment and tractors.

The Sheep's Back in Naracoorte is full of the sights and smells of the shearing shed. Observe the secret world of the southern bent-wing bats via infra-red cameras at the Bat Observation Centre, located within the Naracoorte Caves National Park.

Limestone Coast - where great family memories are made.

Andrew Cosi Costello and family

He's the host of South Aussie with Cosi, a family man and most importantly, passionate about South Australia. Andrew 'Cosi' Costello shares his top five tips for a great family holiday in South Australia.

1. The Bowman Scenic Drive is like SA’s version of the Great Ocean Road and it’s a must do. The sealed track hugs the coastline and it's a good bike ride too!.

2. Head to Penola and look up Petticoat Lane. It's full of historic houses and totally free to walk along. Take the opportunity to teach the kids about how life used to be.

3. Mount Gambier is divine. A must-do is the Blue Lake and do what every tourist does and say: "Wow - it really is blue isn’t it?"

4. The Limestone Coast is famous for its wine region, the Coonawarra. You can't do a trip to the Limestone Coast without sampling the wines.

5. Go to Robe. Back in the day, 10,000 Chinese miners walked from here to the Victorian goldfields and I bet they wished the icecream shop in the main street was there then!! It's unreal, all homemade and with something like 50 flavours on offer - the kids will love it.

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