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Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve, Riverland

See the birdlife in 23 rich and diverse nature reserves. The magnificent ‘old mallee’ remnants make Gluepot Reserve an international birdwatchers' dream. The Riverland also boasts two wetlands of global importance.

A birdwatcher's paradise

Each of the region’s conservation parks and reserves are bursting with native birds - but where to start? Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve is a great place to see everything. Take a guided tour to see some of the six nationally threatened bird species or discover this special place at your own pace.

The Murray River National Park is a favourite breeding ground for southern Australian waterfowl and there are another 140 native bird species you can spot.  

Paddle through Morgan Conservation Park to see parrots and pelicans and at Murtho Forest Reserve see swallows, kingfishers and Peregrine falcons perching on ledges to observe their prey.  

On the floodplain and wetlands at Loch Luna Game Reserve or Moorook Game Reserve, there are ducks, swans, spoonbills, ibis and egrets. Every spring the beautiful rainbow bee-eater returns from northern Australia to nest in the sandy soils along the river.  

In Brookfield Conservation Park you may see regent parrots feeding in the mallee landscapes, before returning to their red gum hollows along the river. Bronze-wing pigeons will barrel through the woodlands at dusk for an evening drink at the river, and return in a similar hurry.


Camp or caravan at Chowilla

With an Aboriginal name meaning ‘place of good spirits’, or ‘good camping place’, Chowilla Game Reserve and Regional Reserve is the perfect spot to pitch a tent or power up a caravan. The park’s peaceful billabongs and creek systems support many native birds and aquatic life, making it a great destination for birdwatching, canoeing and fishing.  

Photographers are in for a treat with Chowilla’s stately river red gums providing a backdrop for the park’s spectacular sunsets. 

A protected wilderness

Danggali Conservation Park and Wilderness Protection Area is Australia’s first Biosphere Reserve. With its abundance of native birds and aquatic life, and diverse ecology ranging from mallee wilderness to arid wetlands, it is little wonder Danggali has been sanctioned by the United Nations for its international significance.

If remote camping is your thing then you will relish Danggali’s woodland campsites where you can sleep under a blanket of stars in places untouched by the crowds. The park also houses some fascinating relics of pastoral history that you can explore.

Mallee landscapes and wonderful wetlands

Pooginook Conservation Park is an example of red sandy mallee landscapes and bluebush plains. These landscapes, found north and south of the river corridor, are home to red kangaroos, emus and mighty wedge-tailed eagles. Visit Bakara Conservation Park, west of Loxton, or Billiatt Wilderness Protection Area, south of Loxton, for superb examples of a mallee landscape.

The boardwalks and bird hides at Banrock Station Wine & Wetland Centre provide a perfect platform for learning about wetland life. Take a walk through the restored environment on their self-guided interpretive walking trails.  

The Riverland - it’s an ideal place for getting close to nature.

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