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Walk on ancient land

South Australia has a rich Aboriginal history, dating back 40,000 years.

Aboriginal Paitya Dancers, Adelaide

You don’t have to travel far to learn about South Australia's Aboriginal heritage. Adelaide is the traditional land of the Kaurna (pronounced Garna) people. The city has many museums, galleries and tours that tell the Kaurna story.

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

See Aboriginal art, yidaki (didgeridoo) and dance performances at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute. Tandanya is a Kaurna word for Red Kangaroo place. It’s a short walk east down Grenfell Street and is close to Rymill Park. If you don’t fancy walking, take the free City Loop 99C bus from Victoria Square to stop 12.

South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum has the largest and most significant ethnographic collection of Australian Aboriginal material culture in the world. Located on North Terrace in Adelaide city, the museum is easy to find.

The museum is internationally recognised as a global leader in Australian Aboriginal heritage. The museum's collection tells the story of how Aboriginal people overcame challenges to create a civilisation in one of the world’s harshest continents.

The object-rich gallery showcases the beauty and timeless design of Aboriginal artefacts, including the stunning Yuendumu Doors - one of the earliest examples of Aboriginal artists successfully transferring their ancient ground paintings to a large-scale, modern medium.

City Loop bus

The City Loop bus also stops outside the Art Gallery of South Australia on North Terrace (stop 9). The gallery houses a large Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander collection.

Regional South Australia

Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal site is close to the Murray River. Join a tour through Ngaut Ngaut archaeological site and visit the ancestral home of the Nganguraku people. You’ll see ancient campsites and rock art. Scarred red river gums reveal the ancient practice of canoe making, which still continues along the Murray River.

Tjatu Gallery in the far north of the state sells art created by traditional owners of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. The gallery specialises in striking works on canvas.  

Flinders Ranges

Visit the Wadlata Outback Centre - a must see before starting your journey to the Flinders Ranges. Walk through its Tunnel of Time, the story of an ancient land, its people and treasures down under. Through the mouth of Max the giant “Ripper Lizard”, you’ll discover how the region evolved and highlights you shouldn't miss.

Visit the Flinders Ranges and discover rich Aboriginal history. See Aboriginal paintings at Arkaroo Rock. The main cave site is at least 5,000 years old.

Wherever you go in South Australia, you’ll be walking on ancient land.

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