Aboriginal Landmarks

There are many sites of significance for the Aboriginal people within South Australia. Here is a list of places which are significant and can teach you about the ancient Aboriginal culture. 

Anna Creek Painted Hills

Anna Creek Painted Hills Anna Creek Painted Hills

The Anna Creek Painted Hills are a spectacular and recently discovered section of the pristine Breakaways country in the far north of South Australia. The Anna Creek Painted Hills offers an amazing sight by air. It is a rocky outcrop of large and small hills, which emerge suddenly out of a flat, desert landscape. The area can only be accessed by air, due to its fragility and natural beauty.

Coongie Lakes National Park

Coongie Lakes National Park Camping at Coongie Lakes National Park

Coongie Lakes National Park is one of the most spectacular of South Australia's natural attractions. A pristine water world made up of channels, waterholes, lakes, internal deltas, shallow flood plains, corridors in dunes and swamps. The area plays host to the most incredible diversity and number of water dependent wildlife including abundant birdlife, fish, reptiles and frogs.

Coorong National Park

Coorong National Park Coorong National Park

The Coorong National Park is a beautiful place where you can cruise serene backwaters or brave the elements along remote beaches. Its long, shallow, salty lagoons - stretching more than 100 kilometres - are a haven for birdlife. A narrow strip of sand hills protect the sheltered waters from the Southern Ocean. It’s an important area for Aboriginal communities with middens (mounds of shells deposited from many years of fishing) dotted across the landscape from thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation.

Flinders Ranges National Park

Flinders Ranges National Park Flinders Ranges National Park

The Flinders Ranges National Park is one of South Australia's most popular destinations. This area is world-renowned for its geological history, Aboriginal rock art sites, impressive fossil remains and its ruins of early European settlement. Aboriginal people have lived in the Flinders Ranges for tens of thousands of years. The ranges are of immense cultural significance for the Adnyamathanha people. They understand the land through their Yura Muda stories, which endow the physical features of the ranges with spiritual meaning.

Head of Bight

Whale Watching Head of Bright Whale watching at Head of Bight

The Head of Bight whale watching area on South Australia's far west coast is famous for its land-based viewing of southern right whales between May and October. Visitors follow a cliff-top boardwalk to a viewing platform to watch the migrating mammals. Head of Bight is located adjacent to the Yalata Indigenous Protected Area which is of cultural significance to Anangu and Wirangu people and other Aboriginal communities. It's also home to a traditional waterhole and meeting place called Illcumba.

Ikara - The Meeting Place

Ikara - The Meeting Place Wilpena Pound, near Ikara

Located in the heart of the Flinders Ranges National Park, Ikara - The Meeting Place is an award-winning public art space that shares an important story of the Adnyamathanha people. The Adnyamathanha community has widely endorsed sharing information with visitors about their land to encourage a deeper appreciation of Aboriginal culture. Ikara provides an inspirational space where Adnyamathanha people can share their culture with park visitors and discuss the role played by their community as the pastoral industry developed.

Indigenous Tourism Trail

Indigenous Tourism Trail A stop on the Indigenous Tourism Trail

The Indigenous Tourism Trail is an opportunity to experience and learn about Aboriginal culture and heritage. Stretching from Poonindie near Port Lincoln to the head of the Great Australian Bight, the trail provides, in either direction, a unique self-drive experience.

Old Wilpena Station

Old Wilpena Station Old Wilpena Station, Flinders Ranges

Old Wilpena Station lies within the Flinders Ranges National Park only a few kilometres from the Wilpena Pound Resort. An important pioneering pastoral run, Wilpena Station was established in 1851 and had a working life of 135 years, before slipping into retirement. The site holds a continued cultural significance for the Adnyamathanha people. Enjoy self-guided and guided tours of the Old Wilpena Station.

Oodnadatta Track

Oodnadatta Track Oodnadatta Track

The Oodnadatta Track offers one of the best outback drives in Australia. Steeped in history, natural wonders and a rich cultural heritage, the track is one of our most fascinating and historic outback trails. It was the route for 19th century explorers like John McDouall Stuart. The track follows an old Aboriginal trading route through semi-desert country with artesian springs and waterholes along the way. The unsealed track is subject to closure in adverse weather. Plan ahead and check for closures before your journey. 

Scotdesco Aboriginal Community

Scotdesco Aboriginal Community Scotdesco Aboriginal Community

Scotdesco is a small Aboriginal community situated either side of Eyre Highway, 25 kilometres west of Penong. Just off the highway, Scotdesco presents a fantastic opportunity to speak with members of a Wirangu family group who represent the spirit of determination within Aboriginal people.

Vulkathunha Gammon Ranges National Park

Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges National Park Vulkathunha, Gammon Ranges National Park

Vulkathunha - Gammon Ranges National Park is a rugged, remote park in the North Flinders Ranges. The park's deep gorges and chasms, towering ranges, tree-lined creeks and freshwater springs are havens for many rare and endangered plants and animals. The stark wildness and landscape of Lake Frome is a unique feature of the park. This ephemeral salt lake stretches 100 kilometres long and 40 kilometres wide and plays an important role in the lives of the Adnyamathanha people.

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