North Star Cruises

North Star Cruises Australia is an undisputed market leader, offering itineraries especially designed for the most discerning adventurer.

True North

North Star Cruises

North Star Cruises Australia consistently operates with impeccable customer satisfaction rates. The True North features enhanced levels of comfort and luxury throughout, allowing cruise passengers the opportunity to experience wilderness in surroundings more akin to one of the world’s most exclusive hotels. The True North features an Australian crew. Legendary service, with a passenger limit of 36 and a crew of 20, ensures True North’s reputation for attention to detail and excellence in service. All cruise meals on the True North feature the “finest in fine dining”.

Guests are able to take advantage of a number of lavish vantage points, including a sundeck, a forward observation lounge, a ship’s lounge and an alfresco bar. The ship’s naturalist presents interpretative information on plasma screens. An internet café enables convenient communication with the outside world. A popular venue on any North Star cruise, the lower deck dining room offers the ultimate in comfort and uninterrupted vista – large panoramic windows ensure that guests never miss any of the action.

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