Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is one of the most recognisable cruise lines, thanks to the success of "The Love Boat". They offer traditional cruise experiences all over the world on 17 ships.  

Dawn Princess, Sun Princess and Sea Princess

Princess Cruises Sun Dawn Sea Princess

Sister ships Dawn Princess, Sun Princess and Sea Princess are all based in Australia, accept Australian dollars and are gratuity free. They cater for families but also offer longer cruises for the more adventurous and travelers with more time. All of these ships have good wheelchair accessibility, and above 400 cabins each. With a variety of modern and traditional facilities aboard, these ships are large enough to offer a variety of amenities but small enough to reach unique destinations.

Each of these sister ships provides good wheelchair accessibility. There are wheelchair cabins available and many elevators throughout the ship. Staff aboard pride themselves on making each customer's experience outstanding, no matter their requirements.

Diamond Princess

Princess Cruises Diamond Princess

The Diamond Princess is a regular visitor to Australia, moving between Alaska in winter and Australia in summer. It offers a variety of cruises throughout Asia. She is a large ship but limited passengers mean you will never be lost in the crowd. 

The Diamond Princess also offers good wheelchair accessibility, with twenty-eight cabins and fourteen elevators. The trophy of the Diamond Princess is her spacious two deck show lounge, which often features a live, nine-piece orchestra.

Pacific Princess

Princess Cruises Diamond Princess

Described as a small ship, Pacific Princess offers an intimate experience with all the quality, service, facilities and amenities expected of any Princess cruise. The boutique Pacific Princess is a favourite with mature travellers and holds only 700 passengers.

Wheelchair accessibility is good on the Pacific Princess. The feature of this ship is the 345 seat cabaret lounge, designed to entertain passengers as they cruise throughout the world.

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