Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises is part of Saga Holidays in the United Kingdom and operates three classic ships, tailored to mature travellers. They have the largest offering of single cabins for solo travellers. The service is personalised and distinctly British, featuring afternoon teas and a menu of traditional favourites.

Saga Ruby

Saga Cruises Saga Ruby

Saga Ruby was the last cruise ship to be built in Britain, giving her a timeless character and classic look. Cruises are traditional, with an emphasis on service and exotic destinations. Saga Ruby is bound to leave you wanting to stay onboard. Explore the world in a relaxed atmosphere and with friendly crew.

Wheelchair accessibility on the Saga Ruby is not as good as other cruise ships of its type. However, there are four cabins which provide wheelchair facilities. The Saga Ruby is best suited for couples and single travelers over fifty. It makes a point of catering to the desires of this group, as they cruise around the world.

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