Houseboating on the Murray

Drop anchor and enjoy the Murray River

Enjoy the majesty and beauty of South Australia's Murray River. Drift leisurely with the current, past its red sandstone cliffs and tree lined banks, on-board a well-equipped houseboat.

Dining on a houseboat, Murray River, South Australia

Gather a group of friends, family or take time out for a romantic journey. Throw in a fishing line and relax with a book. Downsize your vessel and kayak through the river's backwaters. Discover a rarely seen wonderland.

Boats for all budgets

There are houseboats to suit all styles and budgets, from basic to luxurious.

The Houseboat Hirers Association is a good place to start. It has a comprehensive list of options. If you're planning a special celebration, boats like those from Unforgettable Houseboats come with a jacuzzi, en-suite bathrooms and can even include a personal on-board chef.

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