Naracoorte Caves and Fossils

Discover South Australia’s ancient past

Explore the wonder below the earth’s surface. Walk among delicate stalagmites and beneath stalactites, marvelling at these ancient natural decorations which were formed more than half a million years ago through water and minerals slowly seeping down from the earth above.

The Naracoorte Caves National Park is South Australia’s only World Heritage site.

Naracoorte Caves Naracoorte Caves, Limestone Coast

If you are energetic and love a challenge, then crawling and squeezing through one of the four adventure caves will definitely get your hands dirty and adrenalin flowing.

Bats, man!

A tour of the Bat Centre and Blanche Cave, an important bat wintering site, is a fascinating tour all about southern bent-winged bats. See their spectacular cave exit flight at dusk during summer, their hibernating "hanging" during winter or their maternity chamber through world-first infrared technology.

Helictites and fossils

Alexandra Cave is a spectacularly decorated cave that includes a cave rarity - helictites - which twist, turn and defy gravity to provide something of an optical allusion to eye.

Discover the Victoria Fossil Cave for a unique insight into our past climate, environment and animals that once lived in the area. 

Visit the Wet Cave where you can take an unguided tour at your leisure.

Finally, the Wonambi Fossil Centre will complete your caving experience as you discover why palaeontologists around the world find these caves so fascinating.

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